How does our service work?

1. Apply Online - Fill out the registration form and pay the new family registration fee using our online application page.

2. Interview - We will reach out to you for an initial interview (virtual only at this time) so we can meet each other, evaluate your needs, answer any questions, set expectations, sign agency / family contracts, and set ourselves up for a long and successful working relationship.

3. The Search Begins - A fee for each new search is due to officially begin the process of finding your nanny candidates. Sit back and relax while we fully vet, interview, reference check, and create a profile for each candidate prior to sending them to you. Payment of this fee is confirmation that you’re actively seeking to employ a nanny into your household and is due for each search for a new job description. May be partially refundable if we can not deliver (1+) candidate in agreed upon time frame.

4. Interview Candidate(s) - Review our available nanny profiles and we will assist you in setting up as many virtual interviews as you’d like. We recommend an in-person, yet socially distant interview with any candidate you hope to present with a job offer. Small fee for each virtual or in person interview (applied toward your placement dues).

5. Job Offer - Upon request, we can help you create a job offer. If accepted by Nanny, we will move on to the following steps.

6. Placement Dues - As soon as Nanny accepts your job offer, you will be invoiced for your placement dues.

7. Nanny/Family Contract Negotiations and Signing - We strongly suggest that you create or utilize a contract with any Houshold Employee/Nanny. Upon request, we can work with you to quickly create a Custom Nanny/Family contract.

8. Nanny Starts Work! - We are available for any guidance, questions, and support as you navigate your new working relationship with your household employee!


In some cases we will already have your ideal nanny in our database. We have been a top rated babysitting service since 2012. We currently have a list of potential nannies we know are ready to be placed. Our contact list of 500+ care providers is growing daily. We will work with you on your time frame, and be honest about placement potential, estimated time frame, and more. Most nanny agencies say to allow an average of 4-6 weeks for your ideal placement - we hope to do it more quickly! However, the pickier we both are, the longer it will take! Now is always the perfect time to start searching for your ideal nanny, even and especially if you don’t need one right away! :)